Thursday, September 29, 2011

A few Pics from EcloTHES!

Hi All,
Just a quick post of some pics from the EcloTHes Fashion show that took place on Tuesday night. I'll be posting much more soon once I get them!
Dakini Silks Scarf Flutter Top

Dakini Silks Wool Scarf Dress

Dakini Silks Wool Scarf Dress

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Up-cycled Scarfwear!

Hi All,
Here are some pics of my very latest and favorite pieces. Some of these will be in the fashion show but not all of them. I have to keep some for a surprise. Some of these are available for sale on my website:

My favorite design right now - the "Asymmetrical Tunic" - got any better ideas for names?

Back view of Asymmetrical Tunic.

T-shirt Dress with Silk scarf skirt

Off Shoulder Scarf Dress

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dakini's Latest Designs

Hi All,
I haven't posted much for a while because I have been so busy opening my retail store and exploring new ways to use and recycle silk scarves. I find a lot of beautiful scarves but some of them just don't really sell on their own. I decided to take them and up-cycle them into dresses, tops and other clothing! I will also show you how you can turn your own scarves into more functional pieces. It can be very simple and easy to do!

For now here are some photos of some of my latest creations. If you want to learn to make these yourself then follow my blog! I will be posting how-to's soon.
Skemo Scarf Dress Front

Mod Vintage Scarf Dress Back

Mod Vintage Scarf dress front

Tropical scarf Dress Front

Tropical scarf Dress Back

Souvenir Scarf Dress front

Mod Circles Scarf Mini Dress

Two Pieces: Scarf Dress on Left and Scarf Flutter Top on Right

Friday, September 9, 2011

Almost Ready for the EcloTHES Fashion Show!

Hello All,
I want to invite everyone to attend the 2011 EcloTHEs Gala and Fashion Show featuring sustainable fashion designers from all across Canada. I'll be there with my latest "ScarfWear" ; handmade clothing I make from vintage scarves and other recycled fabrics.