Monday, September 12, 2011

More Up-cycled Scarfwear!

Hi All,
Here are some pics of my very latest and favorite pieces. Some of these will be in the fashion show but not all of them. I have to keep some for a surprise. Some of these are available for sale on my website:

My favorite design right now - the "Asymmetrical Tunic" - got any better ideas for names?

Back view of Asymmetrical Tunic.

T-shirt Dress with Silk scarf skirt

Off Shoulder Scarf Dress


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  3. Love vintage scarves. I have worn them in many ways and find that wearing the scarves has more of an effect. However you do have to get the perfect print to do it. If I am slim enough in summer I can wear them as tops by tying at the top and then round at the back. Looks good. I also get scarves framed and put them on my wall. I didn't understand how to do this however when I bought some scarves from they gave me advice on how to do it and what I needed to tell the framer. With a picture light above they look amazing.

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