Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amazing Op Artist Scarf!

This must be the most significant Vintage silk scarf/Art piece I've seen so far in my scarf hunting career! It is a piece of "Op" art from the 1970's or 1960's. Richard Anuszkiewicz is one of the founders of the Op art movement. OP is short for optical illusion and the artists who painted in this style had  a love for geometric designs. He must have decided to print some high end silk twill scarves depicting his designs at some point or maybe a silk scarf producer asked him to design some scarves. I can't find much information on the internet about his scarves although there is tons of info about him. Here are a few links:
Rog Gallery bio

Here are some photos of the scarf which is up for auction right now on Ebay. This scarf was given to me (to list) by Merle Bryant of the Clothes Horse. She's another amazing treasure hunter who has beautiful pieces in her store. Check her out here:
The Clothes Horse

You can really see the Optical illusion he was getting at in this pic of the scarf laid down flat!
Comments welcome especially if you know anything about Richard Anuszkiewicz and his silk scarves!


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  2. Hi! I'm excited to have found your site. I am a fellow scarf lover and collector. I have this very scarf in this colourway. I agree it's wonderful. I've always thought it was produced by the American company Echo, but I'm not sure without finding the scarf in my collection. Do you recall how much your sold for? Not that I'm selling, it's a definite favorite!

  3. Hi There,
    I think it sold for about $150.00 but I can't really remember. It's a beauty!
    Thanks for writing!