Monday, March 21, 2011

Treasures I Found in Coldbrook!

Okay, so I took the whole day on Saturday to do the Frenchy's tour through the Valley. We went to Berwick, Coldbrook, Kentville and Wilmot. There are several Frenchy's stores, some Guy Frenchy's and a  Salvation Army Thrift Shop. Guy Frenchy's are rumored to be the best but I'm not sure why. Please leave comments below to explain why this is so!

I must say I did not have much luck in the silk scarf realm. I only found a couple of fairly plain Anne Klein scarves which I won't even post because they are nothing special. They are fine scarves but nothing to write home...or on the blog about! Ha!

I did find some amazing silk dresses and one very Vintage Retro dress that isn't silk but has a very cool Pucci style print on it. It is very colorful and just amazing! The style of this dress isn't the best but anyone who knows how to sew could use it as a base to create something really spectacular!

I'll be posting this dress for sale on Etsy or Ebay soon.  Sign up for email updates to stay tuned!

Here is a photo of the really awesome silk dress I found. It is a designer dress with again, a Pucci - esque print. the silk is very good quality; a silk twill just like the Pucci scarves! The designer is Shelly Segal and her brand name is "Laundry".
Thanks to my lovely model Sara Gorman! It's great having a model as a daughter.

On our way home we stopped at good old Value Village and I found this little treasure; a sweet silk chiffon hoodie by Bianca Nygard. I love her designs and she's Canadian!
That's all for now folks! Stay tuned - these lovelies will be available for purchase online soon!

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