Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tips on how to Find a Great Scarf

I thought I would also start this blog off with some scarf buying tips. First of all, how can you tell if it's real silk if there is no tag?
  1. Real Silk has a slight resistance to it when rubbed between the fingers. If you feel polyester by rubbing it is always plastic-like and super smooth, even oily. Even though silk is soft and smooth in some cases, if you carefully rub it then you will feel a slight rope-like quality. It feels more natural and also drapes differently than polyester or rayon. Rayon is also a natural fiber; it is made from wood and also has that kind of natural woody feel to it. Anyway, it's hard to explain in words but if you take two scarves; one poly and one silk and compare you'll see what I mean.
  2. Real silk will turn into ash when burnt whereas polyester will melt like plastic. 
  3. Real silk wears easier than polyester. If you find a vintage scarf that is very old but shows little wear then it's likely to be polyester because it lasts longer and doesn't degrade as easily. 
So, that's a few tips. More to come. Subscribe to my feed so you can stay tuned!
Happy shopping!


  1. You are right about inexpensive silk wearing quickly but high end silk will outlast the best poly or acetate. Exceptions are Vera Veresa. After years of use you can't tell for sure if they have been used.

    Silk twill which is what most of the top designers use is extremely sturdy. If you use a scarf clip as opposed to pinning and put them on after your scent has dried, they wear like iron.

    Vintage poly on the other hand will pill and gets nasty pulls that turn into holes quickly. The colors also get dull like they have a foggy film over them.

    I have hundreds of scarves listed on ecrater. Most but not all are silk.

  2. Wow, this is great info! Thanks for contributing your experience and knowledge. I am new to Vintage and continue to learn things everyday.
    I love your collection. We should exchange links.