Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to My New Blog!

This blog will be showcasing some of my favorite finds in the vintage scarf world. After having to quit silk painting as a full time job I've decided to move into collecting silk scarves made by others. I have found some amazing pieces and I'd like to share them with you!
Some of these are designer brand name scarves and some are very old and true works of art on silk. I tend to look for intricate detailed designs that have a story behind them. I particularly like hand painted or screen printed fun and funky colors.
One of my favorite designers is Emilio Pucci. I love his sense of color and form and his style is so retro but chique at the same time. I bought my first Pucci scarf last week and I can't wait until it arrives. I will post it for you to see.
Right now I have a gorgeous Christian Dior square silk scarf up for sale on my Ebay site. It already has one bid on it at $48.00. This scarf is worth over $100.00 or so.
Collecting Vintage and Designer silk scarves is a very exciting and rewarding hobby. Join me on the treasure hunt as I post my discoveries here in future posts!

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